Specializing in machine guns, Gunsmith Inc is a full service repair and restoration shop for all US Military weaponry. With over 40 years of experience backed by Military training, we are your #1 destination for Machine Guns, M-18 & M-20 Recoiless rifles, Custom sub-caliber work, 50-cal Custom Reloading as well as M-60 Mil-Spec Channels Laser Cut and Parkerized.

We also provide Machine Guns for rent at numerous events along with expert advice and tuition.

Feel free to give us a call to see if we can help with your specific project, or drop by to see what we are working on today!


MIL Spec M-60 Channels - Laser Cut and Parkerized
US Military Weapon Repair
M-18 & 20 Recoiless Rifle Reassembly
50cal Custom Reloading
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