Our Services

Recoiless Rifles

We specialize in the repair and rebuild of M-18 and M-20 Recoiless Rifles. We can also provide sub-calibre conversion kits to meet your requirements. Ultimately, bring it to us in a box, and we'll put it back together for you. If you have specific questions on what we can offer, feel free to contacts us.

M-60 MIL-Spec Channels

CNC milled, Laser cut, Parkerized M-60 channels, manufactured to MIL-Spec precision. We also provide expert advice and support. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

US Military Weapon Repair, Service and Restoration

While we specialize in the restoration and repair of US Military weapons, we can also handle non-US miltary hardware. From Howitzers to Handguns, whatever you have, we can probably help you with it. We are a Federally licensed, FFL Type 7 manufacturer, legally licensed to repair and maintain US Military hardware such as M14s, M16s and many many others.

50 Cal Custom Reloading

Our powder and primers. Your brass and projos. Done by hand, we'll triple check everythimg to make sure your brass is compliant, and your new shells are safe. Contact us for details and pricing.

Weapon Schools

We offer classes on the safe operation and maintenance of M-16, M-60, 50 Cal and other platforms. From one-on-one sessions to group training, contact us to discuss how we can tailor classes to your needs.

Weapon Rental

We can provide weapons for rent - Own a range and want to give your patrons a treat? Give us a call and we can provide the guns for you to shoot. Always wanted to fire a Quad-50 ? Call us and we can arrange for exhibition shooting.